Ishaan Shaurya Chamoli’s DIY Model UN Story

उत्तराखंड मसूरी


Ishaan truly believes that learning and dreams must continue despite the pandemic.

As Covid-19 struck the world, Ishaan Shaurya Chamoli, of Grade XI found himself fortunate for it to not have majorly affected his educational resources.

But with the vast wide-spread conditions, especially in rural areas and those underprivileged, aware of the SDG goals of 2030, the Right to Education, and the Indian Government’s large strides to attain it, Ishaan felt the strong need to contribute his part, and utilise his own skills and knowledge to give others the opportunity to gain them too.

Without wasting any time, the first thing that came to his budding entrepreneurial mind, was to immediately establish his very own non-profit organisation.

There began Ishaan’s journey to serving the best role he could to contributing to society, and supporting his fellow education lovers.

The Non-Profit “DIY Model UN” organisation was thus born on March 2020, towards the beginning of the pandemicand its large repercussions.

Since then in almost 1 and a half years, Ishaan has made huge strides through his non-profit organisation, in areas including Education, Healthcare, and aid for the visually impaired.

Ishaan’s DIY Model UN works at organising student led events to provide a platform for discussions on global issues and international affairs, using all its received funds and proceeds for charitable work.

The organisation, with an outreach of over 1600 youth and students has created a platform for discussions with 500+ members.

Further, as great social service by DIY Model UN, and Ishaan Shaurya Chamoli, they have now set their foot in contributing as much as possible, to return to the community.

Through its establishment and existence, Ishaan has raised funds with DIY Model UN proceedsto fund the education of 10 Primary and Middle School students at the Himalayan International School, Banglow Ki Kandi, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The students come from underprivileged families in the Himalayan foothills, many affected adversely by the Pandemic. Parents of many of these students have faced a loss of jobs and downfall in income, especially due to a huge hit on the tourism industry ,one of the primary sources of profit for many in Uttarakhand.

Ishaan believes Education brings has a major impact in the lives of children, and can help strengthen the Youth of India, to achieve great heights in the future, and become caring, productive citizens of our great nation.

Further, the organisation also raised funds for a 20-person visually impaired cricket team of girls, in partnership with the “Cricket Association of Blind – India”. Through these funds, Ishaan contributed to make possible, the organisation of a week-long sports and outdoor education event, that is soon to be held in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

Seeing the major increase in Covid-19 cases, Ishaan also decidedto utilise DIY Model UN and worked in partnership with other organisations, assisting in multiple Covid-19 Healthcare related projects. These included the setting up of a microphone system at KGMU Lucknow, to reduce contact risk, distribution of 350 PPE Kits, 25 Oxygen Cylinders, and 100 packets of sanitary napkins.

DIY Model UN also assisted in collecting funds for providing food resources to local kitchens that provided food for covid-19 patients, including 50kgs of Rice, 80Kgs of Pulses, and 70Kgs of Flour.

Ishaan spent a majority of his time on building up his Non-Profit Organisation, DIY Model UN in this past year of the pandemic, alongside his general school work and studies.

He felt the urgent need to contribute to society far more than just a school going student, utilised the knowledge he received through his education till now to fund the education of even more students, and support as many

covid-19 patients as possible.

As each and every drop of water helps make the Ocean, we as the Youth of India must all follow Ishaan’s footsteps in going out of our way to contribute as muchas we can to our nearby society, and play each of our little roles as the future leaders of this Country we all love.

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